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About us

A proud history of nurturing your passion for plants
Founded in the 1930s, the HCC was one of the first specialist horticultural distance-learning colleges and has made learning about this popular subject accessible to thousands of people.
Our flexible courses can be studied where you want and when you want, making it easy to fit study around your life and work commitments.
HCC learners are of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience, and based in all sorts of locations (from oil rigs to the Far East). We have helped people retrain for new careers they love, boost their horticultural careers with advanced qualifications, and learn more about their favourite hobby.
Our former principal Oliver Menhinick, recognised for his contribution to horticultural education with awards including an MBE, sadly passed away in 2013. We are proud to carry on his work.
Flexible training
Our flexible training gives you the freedom to progress through your course at a time and pace that suits you. You can start your course as soon as you enrol, then fit your training around other commitments.
Tutors dedicated to your success
Our team of friendly, experienced tutors, all with advanced horticultural qualifications, work closely with you throughout the course, giving help and support. You can contact your tutor by phone or email.
Exceptional course materials
All our course materials are developed by expert horticulturalists, and are regularly updated to reflect new developments and your feedback. They are clear, easy to follow and allow you to work at the level you choose. Just as importantly they are highly informative and enjoyable almost all HCC learners love their subject and we aim to nurture that. The materials consist of lesson texts with sets of questions and include everything you need to complete the course, although many learners enjoy reading and researching more widely around the topics.
On successful completion of your course, you will be awarded an HCC Certificate1, 2   . This is proof of your commitment to learning and, because the HCC is well known, can be a useful addition on a CV.
Some of our courses also prepare learners to sit exams or have their portfolio of coursework assessed for formal qualifications from nationally recognised awarding bodies. (Taking exams3  is not obligatory but strongly recommended if you are pursuing a horticultural career. Where courses include external coursework assessment4  this is an obligatory part of the course.) These awarding bodies include:
  • The Royal Horticultural Society
  • The Royal Forestry Society
  • ABC Awards
More information is available on our associations page.
1  You need to have completed your course payments before receiving the HCC Certificate.
2  Learners doing the ABC Level 2 Certificate in Arboriculture course do not receive an HCC Certificate
3  All our RHS courses give the option to sit exams
4  ABC Level 2 Certificate in Arboriculture (in partnership with the RFS) and ABC Level 2 Certificate in Forestry (in partnership with the RFS)
The quality of our training is reflected by the distinguished bodies we are associated with:
  • Royal Horticultural Society
  • The Royal Forestry Society
  • The Institute of Horticulture
  • ABC Awards
  • Prisoners Educational Trust
  • ABCC
More information is available on our associations page.
To find out more
For more information about the Horticultural Correspondence College or to learn more about our courses, please call Freephone 0800 083 9191 or 01409 220 777 or request a call back.
For free advice, please call Freephone 0800 083 9191 or 01409 220 777, or click here to request a call back.