Career opportunities in a growing industry

You could earn a living in a healthy, outdoor environment doing something you love, that brings joy and pleasure to other people. How much better can it get?
People with gardening skills are in demand
Horticulture is a huge sector offering many job opportunities:
  • There are over 20,000 searches on Google every month for a gardener or garden designer1 .
  • As a gardener you could earn up to £15-£45 per hour2 .
  • As a garden designer you could earn up to £50 per hour.
  • There is growing recognition of the importance of public parks and green spaces to our health and wellbeing; and many people have neither the time nor expertise to maintain their private gardens.
  • The industry contributes over £9 billion annually to the UK economy and employs approx. 300,000 people3 .
Choose from diverse jobs
  • As a gardener or garden designer you could work for a company or set up your own business.
  • You could work in private gardens, local parks, historical/botanical gardens, country parks, sports grounds, golf courses and schools.
  • You could do jobs such as garden maintenance and planting, garden planning, garden design, landscape management, working in a nursery, growing and selling house plants, floriculture and offering ‘garden sitting’ services.
Our ‘Complete Gardener’ and ‘Complete Garden Designer’ career pathways are ideal if you wish to train for a new career. We also offer many other courses you can progress to, to further increase your employability and earning potential.
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1  Source: UK Google searches April 2014.
2  Based on real charges in the London area.